Garage Door Safety & Tips

All garage doors should be equipped with auto-reverse openers and external entrapment protection systems to help prevent personal injury. The Consumer Product Safety Commission urges homeowners to replace older style doors and openers with the newer versions.

Never stand under a garage door while it is in motion.
Never let children play with the door or remote.
Never operate a garage door when you cannot see it.
Never get hands, feet, hair, clothing, etc. to close to garage door mechanisms or door when in motion.
Never attempt to repair garage doors or replace parts. Please call a professional.
Never let your remote control batteries go bad.
Never go more than one year between inspections by a pro.

Test your garage door system once per month.

Make sure the reversal feature of your garage door opener is functioning properly. Make sure your door is balanced. If it is balanced, then proceed to open the door fully. Place an 1-1/2" thick piece of wood flat on the floor where the center of the door will make contact.

Use the remote or the wall transmitter to activate and close the door. When the door makes contact with the wood, it should reverse. If it does not, call a professional and have the system repaired or replaced.

Test the force setting of your garage door opener by activating the door while holding the bottom as it closes. If the door does not immediately reverse, the force is to excessive and needs adjusting. Check the owner's manual for details on making the adjustment. Adjust and re-test the feature until properly adjusted.

If you are unable to get the force adjusted correctly, call a local garage door professional and have the system checked.

If your system is equipped with edge sensors, you should also test those to make sure they are functioning. These are important features as they are extra precautions in the event that the reversing mechanism malfunctions.

Make a visual inspection of your garage door components, such as door springs, pulleys, cables, rollers and other hardware for evidence of wear. If you find an issue, have a qualified professional repair the system for you.

Garage door springs and cables are under high tension. If you are not experienced, you should not attemp to repair or replace them yourself, as this could result in serious injury.

Never make any mechanical changes to your garage door system without the manufacturer manual, and if you are not mechanically inclined.

Check the balnce of the door routinely to ensure proper operation. Release the garage door opener, and open the door by hand. If the door does not lift easily, or will not stay opne a few feet off the floor, contact your local garage door professional to have the door adjusted.

Lubricate moving parts (not plastic parts) of the door. Consult the ownner's manual for instructions and recommendations.


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